Welcome to Original Styles

alt Original Styles deals predominantly in the restoration, manufacture, sales & installation of Antique & contemporary fireplaces.

Original Styles also carry out other forms of restoration and construction work, examples of which can be seen in our portfolio.

The skills & techniques learnt by our craftsmen over many years for the restoration and cleaning of wood, marble and metal fireplaces as well as the tiles, has won the respect & confidence of our clients, as a result of this and having seen pictures of other restoration projects that Original Styles have carried out, our clients (which include Hever Castle & a number of other heritage & privately owned properties) have commisioned Original Styles to carry out restoration to; fireplaces, badly weather damaged ornate woodwork & stonework, stone & brick building cleaning, cracked marble teratso flooring, badly damaged victorian & edwardian tiled floors, damaged ornate coving/cornice, rotten window repairs, along with other projects that can be viewed in our portfolio.

Why not take a moment to view some examples. We will be happy to view any of your resoration projects & requirements. Read more....