About Us

It has long been recognized that when a person or a team has a passion for something then It should be recognisable within the quality of their work.

Here at 'Original Styles' we dedicate the time and patience needed in achieving the best possible results. The reasoning behind this is the satisfaction of both the customer and that of ourselves.
Original Styles has stemmed from a family run business that has been in operation for over 26 years. In which time we have developed vital skills and knowledge that are essential in achieving the highest standard possible.

So what happened over 26 years ago that led to the development of Original Styles with their current reputation for professional quality and service? As a family comprising of 5 children we moved into a large Edwardian home with many original features that needed a good amount of time spent on them in order to bring them back to their original glory. Amongst some of the most impressive and prominent features of this home were of course the fireplaces, which once restored and in full use, really made it a pleasure to spend time as a family within those rooms throughout the winter months.

Although the restoration of all the various features in our family home may have been time consuming, it brought much satisfaction in seeing the end results. At this time, there was still a trend for removing fireplaces from homes, but we knew that this was largely due to people not realising the potential beneath all those layers of paint. We gradually found ourselves restoring more and more fireplaces for people who were delighted with the end results. Many of these clients showed great interest in having other period features restored and commissioned us to carry out the needed work.

With the popularity of original fireplaces and period features increasing, we opened our shop in Southgate, North London over 20 years ago and in more recent years the addition of our workshop in Tunbridge Wells in Kent where we also operate from today.  

For thousand of years mankind has always had a great love for the mesmerising beauty of a fire and so we feel that the real beauty of any fireplace is the fire itself. We therefore see our role as that of creating the best possible fireplace setting for this jewel to fit in. We look forward to being of assistance to you with any of your fireplace and restoration requirements.