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Chimney Rebuilding

We can rebuild chimney breasts & the flues for fully functional fires.

Chimney Lining Services

Flue safety is one of the most important aspects of a working fireplace and in many cases is one of the most neglected as it goes unseen.

Our engineers carry out a full inspection and maintenance service including, cleaning, verifying and if necessary, lining your chimney. As part of our restoration services of chimney lining we look for flue damage and carry out an inspection on the effectiveness and the safety of your flue. Each section of the flue length is checked to be sure that your flue is operating to a high safety standard away from any risk to you or your neighbours.

We can also carry out camera inspections to identify any safety issues to do with the chimney flue and are able to offer dvd imagery of your chimney and recommend suitable forms of treatment.  In many cases, if you are at home when the camera inspection is being performed you can see the condition of the flue on one end of our moniters.

Some methods used are as follows:

Flexible Chimney Liners  - for use on:

  • all wood stoves;
  • solid fuel open fires;
  • gas effect fires Class 1, 2. 

In our chimney restoration work, we always use expert materials. We fit 316 stainless steel double skinned liners, which come with a 10 year manufacturer warranty. Our engineers are experienced in chimney restoration and will be able to find any liner to fit your chimney needs.

Chimney liners are available in single and double skinned to fit all your requirements.

  • Single skinned liners (various types) for use in gas and oil class 2 appliances;

  • Double skinned (stainless steel) for use in gas fires and solid fuel class 1 appliances.

When choosing the perfect liner to fit your chimney our engineers will analyse a number of factors including the chimney size, assessing the flue to ensure the maximum exposure. Our engineers are experts in chimney assessments and renovation works so your work is carried out to the highest quality. 

Our experienced engineers using this type of system give you the guarantee of reliance and safety to your chimney with a Hetas and Gas Safe certificate approved under the Building Regulations.

Thermocrete Liners

The interior of your chimney stacks can be attacked by acid corrosion. This is caused by inclement weather and combustion. The result, is that your chimney stack can be left weakened, leaking gases and in danger of collapsing. This can also lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Thermocrete Liners can rectify this problem with a 25 year guarantee.

Thermocrete Sealant

One way to identify your need for a chimney restoration is if you notice chimney deterioration. For example, seeing debris falling into your fireplace and grate. This could be a serious sign of corrosion and deterioration. It can lead to smoke leakage and carbon monoxide poisoning.  To rectify this, a thick protective, ceramic sealant called Thermocrete is used.  This has the advantage of not overly restricting the diameter of your flue.

Chimney De Tarring

Engineers can carrying out de-tarring to your used chimney and ensure that the job is carried out safely and effectively.

Chimney Sweeping & Smoke Integrity Testing

Chimneys need maintaining. The chimney needs to be free from debris, wasps nests, birds nests and soot that has built up during use. 

Smoke Integrity Testing is a certificated test to ensure that your chimney flue is working correctly and safely and to ensure there are no leaking gases or smoke. Especially recommended for the restoration of old fireplace and chimneys.

Chimney Survey using CCTV

Colour CCTV cameras are passed up and down your chimney flue to locate damage, leaking, cracks and other functional problems.

Twin Wall Flue System

Ideal if you want the benefits of a fire at home, or need to complete a commercial chimney installation, but you don’t have a flue, try a twin wall flue system with a chimney external extractor fan.

For a number of the above mentioned treatments we work in close association with Chimney Care who, together with us are based in Tunbridge Wells & hold an excellent reputation for chimney safety. You can see more of their services at http://www.chimneycare.co.uk

For more information on these various treatments and to find which ones are suitable, why not talk to one of our professionals?  Please visit http://www.originalstylesandrestoration.co.uk






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